Five things

Spring is in the air.

Laundry was hung out this weekend!


I bought some fabulous new glasses – in several pastel colours to liven up my every day life.


The garlic I planted in mid October has sprouted and is very happily growing.


This cider is oh so delicious on a beautiful spring day!


This trunk I got at the thrift store for 3.99$ and need to figure out a clever way to display it in all of it’s vintage glory.




Lexxi also likes spring – as you can tell and the fish are moving about finally – it’s officially. Spring has sprung.


Spring clean

This week I got bitten by the spring cleaning bug.
I spent the majority of this past weekend cleaning our bedroom, all the appliances, the dining area, island, cupboards and pantry. This weekend we are focusing on the spare room and the basement!

The problem with cleaning is once you start everything else looks filthy.

At least you feel like a weight has been lifted after everything has been scrubbed.




Seedling progress

I planted some pumpkin seeds two Sundays ago and in past years they have taken about two weeks to sprout up.
This year I soaked them in water for 24 hours before planting them.

The difference in growth is quite noticeable. I’m also feeling like I planted them way too soon. I guess I need a bigger container….



I also put some herbs that I planted earlier in a terrarium that my mom was throwing away. They were planted at the same time but they have not grown nearly as fast as those pumpkin sprouts.




Also keeping with the spring feel I found some cute flowers with mini white ceramic pots on sale at the superstore for $2 each so they are happily on the windowsill.



What do you think – are my pumpkins crazy or is this normal? And are you feeling the spring fever?!

Sprouts are emerging!

Today I had the morning off so I spent most of it catching up on laundry, tying up loose ends, running in to get some groceries and new vacuum cleaner part.

When I came home I took a peek at my little mini green houses where I had planted some seeds last week. Usually they take 7-10 days to sprout. It’s been about 5 and I can already see some fairly tall sprouts! Next week I’ll be planting some peppers, tomatoes and leeks.

My herb garden will hopefully be happy to live on my window sill indefinitely, while the others will be transplanted into bigger containers then eventually outside.







Did I mention we still have snow … With more to come!

Egg follow up

Today I found this web site that talks about the different reasons that eggs are oddly shaped, soft shelled, no shell or discoloured. So I thought I would share the link as a follow up.

On another unrelated note today is my day off and after a busy weekend of work I started working on an Easter garland, decorating for spring and sprucing up the house.

I love this time of year, things are ready to come back to life and we are all just waiting to shed the winter layers and get back to enjoying spending time outdoors.

While not entirely cohesive I also have included pictures of my garland start, Easter garland I bought at winners and beautiful mug





End is near!

I have been told that pre soaking your seeds before you plant them is the best way to get results.
Mostly bigger seeds. Also they say you should file the edges of a pumpkin seed except for the point slightly so that the water can really soak in.
I didn’t know that when I set my seeds in water last night. But I’m hoping that at least just soaking them will help.

I do realize it’s early to plant seeds. But I haven’t had much luck with pumpkins. So this year I’m going to try something different. I still need to run out and get soil to plant them but I hauled out my planting trays and my seeds are soaking right now.


This morning I was wandering around the yard looking at what is normally the vegetable garden that I have good luck keeping the dogs away from but now it’s just an extra place for them to run. I can’t wait for the snow to melt.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love winter. But it’s almost spring now and we have certainly had our share of winter this year.








Itching for spring

I’ve been trying to stay on track; staying healthy, spending more quality time with Mike doing something besides watching tv and sleeping. Now that I’m working 5-6 nights a week getting home between 830-11pm most nights I miss most of the wind down time and supper time but we are still trying. We have started a puzzle – inspired by my parents we have begun a complicated 1000 piece puzzle.

We have taken a break from said puzzle as we almost killed each other working on it this weekend – and we have only just started it!

Also I’m in the mood for spring I’m itching to plant some seeds indoors and I’ve taken the dehydrator out of the pantry to make healthy snacks. Pineapple mostly. It reminds me of warmer months.

Where is spring anyway?







Potatoes planted, yard cleaned.

So yesterday didn’t end up being as nice out as I originally thought it would be. I spent the morning running around in town getting groceries and sheep manure and peat moss. I ended up filling the back of the ranger completely! 


Came home and looked at my big project – behind the sheds.

Piled with rotting wood, garbage, old pots, bags and did I mention actual garbage?

So for a while now I’ve been thinking about getting in there and getting rid of all of the junk behind the sheds. It’s not really that noticeable unless you look but I know it’s there and I was always worried the dogs would venture back there and step on something sharp and get hurt.

I spent almost eight hours dragging out old lumber (barely any will be usable, most of it is way too rotten), I found old blankets, hairspray bottles, household trash, broken glass, a golf club, a smashed glass aquarium, old tubes, hoses and pipes, supermarket plastic bags, a broken smoke detector, metal pipes… oh yeah.
Five garbage bags full, got the burn barrel chugging away again and stood all the lumber up to dry so we can assess if any can be salvaged to used for our raised garden beds. 

Wood I thought may be salvageable – the rest went into the burn barrel/wheel barrow to be burned.
Truck loaded
more wood
More wood…
Cleaned and raked! So much space!!!!

Then after that big project I sat for a bit with some water and then unloaded the truck and poured the manure and peat moss (some of it I saved) on the garden and Evan offered to till it in. 

Mike came home with two green barrels which we are experimenting by using them as potato planters. Many people have said use a barrel, drill holes in the side and bottom, line with straw and add dirt, then add potato seeds (we only had a bag I got from the hardware store but then we found a box of our own potatoes we had forgotten about that had already started to seed – jackpot! I planted, watered, added more dirt, manure and peat and voila! Now when the green stalks are about a foot high we are to bury it 2/3s and so on and so forth. We are TOLD. that the stalk will turn into more potatoes. We are optimistic. They look better than I thought they would and I’m excited to try something new. 

our perfect potato planters!
planting started!

Mike then loaded up the truck with the garbage and I began the weeding of around the pond. 

Thursday our wood will be coming… uh oh. 8 cord to be cut, split and stacked. Yes it really is spring.


Nice place to relax and enjoy our efforts at the end of a day.
Tilled and ready to be rowed
Next big project
After being wed.
Untouched, over grown
Our Cucumber patch
Never Far away
Baxter is also impressed.

War has begun – commence the gardening!

Today the war began. 

Not just any war but the yearly Dandelion war. They are the first plant to get green, so today while the grass was just losing it’s brown winter tinge I began. Three giant bucket loads. Three. Into the green bin. I didn’t even survey the whole lawn because I’m soon getting ready for work. Three giant buckets full. Then I started in on the weeds in the pea gravel surrounding our pond. Raked all the sticks out of the garden and then Mike and I decided to extend the garden about two feet out and a foot width wise. 

Mike cleaned out and refilled the pond yesterday and this morning – what a job! I’m glad I was working – well… slightly.

One more day to get the tilling and weeding done. Then the weekend will be over and it will be just me to work on it on Monday. Nothing feels quite as satisfying as lawn work. 

Pictures to come! Garden will be a beaut.

Sunny Cheer!

Garden Prep

This week is beautiful, I work this afternoon and evening so I will not have the opportunity to work in the yard but I spent last night planning for the new yard layout. So our garden is in a good spot but It needs a pick me up. Also I want two raised garden beds. To house lettuce, herbs, carrots and beets which can be covered during the cold months and continue to grow! I’ve been following various other blogs and I’m very excited about this. 

Luckily Mike is as Handy as he is Handsome (That’s a lot!) so he will get ‘er done for me!

These are my inspiration. I want two 6×3 2 feet high beds. I will paint them white or perhaps a dark brown so that the green will pop.