Five things

Spring is in the air.

Laundry was hung out this weekend!


I bought some fabulous new glasses – in several pastel colours to liven up my every day life.


The garlic I planted in mid October has sprouted and is very happily growing.


This cider is oh so delicious on a beautiful spring day!


This trunk I got at the thrift store for 3.99$ and need to figure out a clever way to display it in all of it’s vintage glory.




Lexxi also likes spring – as you can tell and the fish are moving about finally – it’s officially. Spring has sprung.


Party prep

The days to start prepping for our annual pumpkin carving party are now. Our garage was an absolute disaster after all of this renovating. Full of garbage, feed apples, garden junk, tools and half finished projects. We also had a front yard that looked similar to that of the Clampetts so we also started chopping the old wood up to burn or use as kindling depending upon what kind of wood it was. We got it mostly cleaned up and then mowed the lawn for (hopefully) the last time this year. And we started raking leaves too.
I have some things to buy, games to prepare and baking that I’ll have to do on Friday.
Cheers to all!




Behind the fence

Today I woke up without a voice. Rolled over to say good morning to the hubby and it was gone. Stayed in bed most of the morning until I was sick of being sick. Cleaned the house, put dishes away and then did some laundry and hung it out.

Had a dozen or so chocolate chip cookies.

Looked at the empty hummingbird feeder and whipped up some homemade nectar. 1 cup of white sugar and four cups of boiling water. Stir until dissolved and then poured into the feeder. No food colouring. I’ve been warned of the health hazards the food colouring causes in hummingbirds. Regardless of the truth to this I play it safe. The feeder is red regardless.
I hope they will find it’s full again and come back to eat.



This year we have done a lot of yard clean up, more than past years. Note: behind the shed and weeding behind the pond posts. The unfortunate part is I can see garbage behind our fence. Which I can only assume was also from the piggos that lived here previously. Today was nice enough (and I had no more motivation to continue digging and moving dirt for the path behind the pond) so I hopped the fence and went behind the fence to see if I could get some garbage.
Yes, I know, kind of weird. Why bother right? Wrong. I feel obligated to clean up my little portion of the world. 

So this is what i saw/found:




Oh wait… is that a..?


Yes, It was a sink.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat will I do with what I dragged out of the woods? Well there was various garbage + 2 basketballs (for the dogs to play with), A golf ball – put it in the garden, a gardening tool – now in the shed, the kitchen sink I The man of the house will probably make a base for it and the sink will become a beautiful flower garden. Found a frisbee, threw it for the dogs and as for that wooden shelf… I made a sign.


Thrifting finds

This morning I woke up to a wet nose, in my face. Lexxi wanted me up. Turns out when I got up she really just wanted my spot. I eventually had to coax her out of bed with one of her toys and even then she was reluctant to start the day. 

After my morning routine I had to pop into town. I decided to make the best of it and popped into Gateway Meat Market – one of my favorite shops. I got bacon (on for $1.49 ea.) and some fruit/veg. They had peaches on for .67/lb so I loaded up on those too. I went to a Thrift store that I alway find gems in. Today was no different. I found a beautiful vase/bowl for 1.99$, two beautiful baskets for $2.99 ea. An outdoor lighthouse statue for the garden ($3.99) and a wooden statue ($1.99)


Image    ImageThen I went to CT and got Mike a Framer nailer that was on sale and some framing nails. Popped into the dollar store looking for chalkboard paint/chalk and found garden gnomes. They were heavy, concrete gnomes. Usually I’m not a big fan of the dollar store – I find a lot of the stuff is just garbage. A sturdy Garden Gnomes for $3. Not a waste of money. So of course I got four. One of each position. Image




I also found a window suction bird feeder that I hope will hold up and a snail that should be beautiful in the sun.

Image  ImageConsidering I spent $19.50 at the dollar store and I’ve spent $9.99 on a single garden gnome before I am really happy with what I walked away with.

After coming home and putting groceries away I popped over to Hubbies moms house to get those hosta plants we talked about for behind the pond. Armed with a shovel and the beautiful red wheelbarrow I filled up and I think it make a huge difference!

 Image  Image  Image


Baxter is a big fan of gnomes!

ImageImageImage  Image                  Image

The above two plants are the ones left in among the weeds that I left. I think they’re happy to be getting some attention and full sun. Dogs were happy with my finds that’s for sure!




Wood Heat, comes with a price.

On Friday we got our wood. 
8 cord. Eight Cord of wood.




Saturday and Sunday became cutting and splitting days and Monday I wheeled it all to the wood shed. We know most people leave it out to dry but the shed has airflow and it’s such an eyesore. In the middle of the front yard and if we leave it in a pile by the time we get to it it is full of bugs and spiders and snakes. Mike is terrified of snakes – me, I hate spiders. The shed will hold 4.5 – 5 cord of cut wood, the rest we will have to stack behind the wood shed on pallets. 

We have also been getting rid of rubbish around the yard and fixing the place up. Today I planted more of the garden, started weeding and ran around like a mad woman doing errands. 

Yesterday I thought I was being clever and put the tomato plants out for some sunshine. I was wrong. Too much sun and I shocked them all to death. They are all dead. 😦

So much weeding to do I’m a tad overwhelmed, a little by a little though right? 🙂

We also, (maybe to replace the dead tomato plants?) got a couple new fish for the freebie aquarium we were given. We had one lowly tetra in a bowl, now he has three more tetras and a beta fish (Siamese fighting fish) along with a moss ball (so cool!) and three additional water plants – we already had one. 
Of course we made sure to buy hardy and low maintenance fish and water plants because we are not the fish people some people are.


Today I also got some glass panes, I was looking for windows but I think  panes for the cold frames will work just as well. Also I would love a patio greenhouse but we will see how that goes, we have so much weeding and wood to go through that will all have to wait.

When I got Lexxi and Baxters Flea Medication they had a snazzy collar and leash that I thought our hunter men would appreciate. Baxter was sad, none in his size collar wise. He will get one soon though!



Sunny Cheer!

Seeds have been sown.

Today I raked my garden into rows. I also planted spinach, some peas, brussel sprouts and onions. 

Too Early you say? Pfffft. No. I don’t think so and in fact after I got in from the garden I noticed today Vesseys sent me an email letting me know it was planting time! So I was right on time!

Tomorrow weeding, weeding, weeding and weeding are on the menu. Also going to the city to get flea/worm/tick medication for the dogs and cat.

Great times ahead. This weekend we will be making trellis’s – the wood will be coming and we will be fencing off the garden from the dogs – they do love the garden but… the garden does not enjoy dogs digging in it. 

Also today I made my favourite lunch snack again, roasted vegetables and quinoa and today I’ve added chick peas!! Yummy. If you haven’t tried this with some balsamic and olive oil – what are you waiting for!!! So good and gluten free. I’ve become very aware about gluten allergies as one of my good friends just found out she is celiac. So, I’ve been trying to help her with ideas for great food – any ideas?


Dog Woes

Last night/Early this morning I was woken up by Mike having – a bit of a freak out. A well deserved freak out. We went to my parents last night and the dogs got into the pantry and found… chocolate chips and before you ask – no we didn’t rush them into the vet . Why? Because it’s expensive and as much as I love my dog(s) we don’t have an emergency fund for times like these. However I did assess the amount eaten/their body weight and paid close attention to their actions making sure they didn’t;

  • Drink excessively
  • continuously pant
  • have chocolate brown liquid oozing from their nose

Luckily they had seemed fine and I thought for a moment that they were probably going to puke. But they didn’t and we went to bed. Well… then they did. Of course I’ve saved you all from the horror and disgusting truth of what we woke up to. But let me assure you it was gross. Very Gross. 

Then Lexxi started to obviously feel better. She was begging for my breakfast, fighting with Baxter. So I went for groceries. Now she’s a beautiful Dog, I love her but when I came back. She was soaked. To the bone. 
Let me just help you all along with a visual. I left her in the backyard, our small, dry fenced in backyard. So I opened the gate and there she was muddy and wet. 



We have a pond. She jumped in it for a swim. What a turd. Lets hope she didn’t tear the liner. Guess we will be fencing that in. 

Love her. But what a turd.

Hiking on the Trail

oops my finger got in the way!
Giant Rock Walls and pathways all over!
A view worth the trek.
And what hike is complete without my trusty pup?
Hiking on the Trail
Ants. Ants. Ants.

0-9 0-8

My brother, trusty dog and I went on a hiking adventure this week – part of the get fit challenge Mike and I are doing. That black gob? A giant ball of ants we found. Ever see a ball of ants like that? We hadn’t. Quite the shocker.

This path was uphill most of the way, winding and fabulously difficult. 3.5 hours of wheezing and huffing and puffing. Great work out.