2014 reflection

I am glad that 2015 has arrived and optimistic that it will be a fantastic one.

This past year while starting out on a positive note was rough.
Mikes father passed away very unexpectedly in the early part of this past spring and on the morning of New Year’s Eve my grandmother passed away. Christmas this year was spent trying to juggle families and friends and it ended up being exhausting.

Our New Years was spent with immediate family celebrating the amazing woman my grandmother was and sharing memories of how deeply she has impacted our lives.

While now the trivial moments and smaller issues seem so insignificant, while reflecting on what last year brought our family, 2014 will always be looked back on as one that brought us great loss.

I have never understood more how important it is to cherish the little moments and how I need to let the little things go.

If I live to be half the woman my amazing grandmother was then I will consider myself lucky. A woman who was kind into her last moments, always put family first and was so unbelievably positive – never complaining – even with the amount of hardships she endured. She truly was and still continues to be an incredible inspiration.