Cooking class

Tuesdays between 12-1 the superstore beside my work does cooking classes. For $10 we learn how to cook a different meal, a dessert, get to eat said meal and dessert and of course the recipe.
The ladies at work had been takin part in this for several years and Ive been more than happy to jump in and take part as well.
The first week the instructor made a vegetable lentil soup and it was pretty delicious. The best part is how the smell fills up the room.
This week she made a soy glazed fish with rice, bok Chou and steamed carrots. Dessert was a broiled brown sugar grapefruit.
The meal was really good, I have been spoiled with mike – his father is a fisherman and we have been eating the freshest fish and in this class we had a frozen akobi? Buy it was still good. Then the grapefruit was alright. I wouldn’t make it again but hey that’s all in trying new things! And – no dishes to do!





I wanted to try new things this year and I think this is a good start.

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