Dinner party

The month of January can be a little dull and repetitive. Kind of like the Monday of months at least it has been in years past.
This year was different. Since we have been crazy about the show Come Dine With Me Canada for the past couple of years. So we each took a turn hosting. Me, my mother, my father, my brother and mike. We each spent a night hosting and serving the food we spent the day making. An appetizer, main and dessert.
I didn’t take pictures of most. But I wish I had. It was just for fun but we threw 5$ in the pot each and rated each other 1-10. We actually video taped it using my Mac and then for the last night we watched them all.

My mothers was delicious as always, she’s a great hostess. She made a roasted vegetable soup and capresse salad as an appetizer and chicken Capella for the main with a chocolate brownie and coconut mousse for dessert.

Mark was next he made a corn chowder with a tossed salad for his appetizer.
His main was a trio of meats. Liver and bacon, peppercorn mini steak and some spaghetti.
Dessert a cinnamon roll – pillsbury that little sneak 🙂

Mikes was next. He made baked raviolis, main was slow roasted pulled pork with homemade coleslaw, potato chips and homemade buns. His dessert was a vanilla bean cheesecake.

Dads was a deep fried bonanza. Starter was bbqed smoked ribs. Main course was fish and chips and homemade slaw. Dessert was a deep fried donut.

Mine was the final night. I made homemade rosemary and roasted garlic bread as a dipping bread as a pre appetizer. I made seared scallops on fried wonton wrapped. Main was a honey sesame garlic bowl. Dessert was a homemade lava cake.

Scores were in. I won – tied with my dad.





So much fun! Had a great time and it was so great not cooking four nights 🙂
Try it.


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