I’ve been thinking about my past resolutions and if I’m honest to myself I’ve never succeeded.
So instead of continuing the trend and then feeling guilty later on down the road I’ve decided to go about it another way. I am going to focus on quality.

I will eat better quality food and less crap. Enjoy the time spent working, time off and spending time with others – and less time with technology. I’m hoping this will help me eliminate bad habits with better healthier ones.

Here is to a better year.


Beginnings and endings

I made a big decision early last month that December would be my last month in real estate. It was a big decision and a tough decision and one I did not make lightly. After weighing the pros and cons and reviewing the time, effort and money I put in compared to what I was making. It didn’t make any sense.

It’s time to let go of what didn’t work. Move on and focus on the future.
I want to work hard, leave and come home at night. Not spend weekends, nights and days working three jobs aren’t working. Now I am down to two. Looking for one that will take the place of these two.

2014 is a new year and I feel good about starting off with a big change.

All about Christmas.




Christmas is always my favourite time of year. Mainly the time before Christmas, the weeks leading up to it. The preparation, family time, baking, tree, music. As always it was busy and enjoyable. It did however speed by.

A new year always brings a fresh perspective and new resolutions and goals.

Cheers to all and happy 2014