Deer burger

This weekend mike and Evan got their deer. After weeks of hunting they went out early this morning and within an hour they each had a deer. Although not huge they are a good size and will make a big difference in the amount of money we will spend on meat.

I do realize that hunting and deer meat are not for everyone but we are trying to save money, eat less from supermarkets and spend more time outdoors rather than in front of a screen so for us it was an all around win.

We just got a new toy, a kitchen aid meat grinder, so we ground up some of the meat with garlic and parsley (yummy!).






After making deer burger we used the ears to make a dog treat – think baked pig ears, only venison ears, they are very popular in Europe. We baked the shaved ears for 3 hours on 225 degrees. Dogs loved them!

Still no eggs from the hens, Brussels sprouts are still growing and getting a decent size.

Cheers to all – what are you doing to save money?


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