Quilting time

This week mike and Evan went hunting so I had time to clean everything, make wonton soup and get started on mikes Christmas gift – a flannel plaid quilt.

I am almost done all the prep work I’m short 13 squares though. After laying it all out I noticed I was short. I will get the rest of the fabric on Monday morning and then I’ll cut and pin it all to get ready for sewing. I have to be careful through because I want it to be a surprise. I’m hoping to have time Thursday morning and Monday to really get a good chunk of it done. I made him a quilt when we first started dating by two years ago our new puppy Lexxi chewed I into pieces.
This is my inspiration quilt –


So after getting fabric Thursday before work I spent the evening between trick or treaters cutting it. I figured I was short about 1 meters worth of fabric. I was wrong. I need another meter. Here is the fabric I have so far!



I think it will look awesome and not only was all the fabric on sale but I got a soft sheet for the backing at value village for 4.99 so far the quilt has cost me $30 which isn’t too shabby. It will end up probably costing me 45$ total. But considering a brand new quilt is about 150-200$. I think I’m doing pretty good.

What are you making for Christmas?


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