Halloween trick or treat.

Tomorrow is our Halloween party. So today I’ve been cooking, baking and cleaning up a storm!

First I made cupcakes, great recipe from Martha Stewart and then used some fun Halloween sprinkles from winners – here’s the recipe and yum!
Martha’s cupcakes




After the cupcakes I made those delish candy apples with a kit I scored from the bulk barn.

I also make witch fingers and soon I’ll be making chili and a veggie tray. I might need to pick up some apple cider for drinking.

Can’t wait for the party!

Party prep

The days to start prepping for our annual pumpkin carving party are now. Our garage was an absolute disaster after all of this renovating. Full of garbage, feed apples, garden junk, tools and half finished projects. We also had a front yard that looked similar to that of the Clampetts so we also started chopping the old wood up to burn or use as kindling depending upon what kind of wood it was. We got it mostly cleaned up and then mowed the lawn for (hopefully) the last time this year. And we started raking leaves too.
I have some things to buy, games to prepare and baking that I’ll have to do on Friday.
Cheers to all!




Moments like this

This evening I had to miss a banquet to work. Every year mike goes to a banquet to honour his efforts and the team of volunteer firefighters that work so hard to protect our community. Not only are they called to fires, smoke alarms, car accidents and community events but they also go on medical calls, search and rescue calls.
This year I missed the supper and award ceremony and showed up in time for the dance/reception. Unfortunately for me it was a big year that I missed. I’m so proud to say that my best friend was named the firefighter of the year.
I’m not only proud of mike but I’m thankful for all the firefighters and the hard work and their dedication. And on another level the volunteers that do it on their own time. For free.


Gobble gobble gobble!

This weekend we have three dinners. One I’m cooking which was today. One tomorrow in New Brunswick at my sisters and then Sunday evening at my grandmothers.
Today I made sausage and veggie bake which consisted of grilled red onions, zucchini, red and yellow peppers and sausages.
Then I made butternut and cheese ravioli a with a homemade tomato sauce, rosemary, garlic chicken and potatoes and some sweet potatoes. Oh and of course the stovetop dressing. Delish. And then individual apple pies for dessert. Yummy! No need for turkey. That will come later this weekend.
Here are some pictures of the table and door.





Seeing is believing

Sometimes a hidden box, the last thing you threw in the shopping cart or the salvage you found in a neighbours garbage can end up being the most exciting and treasured possessions.
This evening I found a box in the basement and you will never believe what I found. In fact it would be hard for me to describe. Let me just say that I’m still in disbelief these gems were hidden in an old weathered box.







Time to take charge.

The last week has been a doozy.

I decided to start doing something for myself, I went back to my past and started wood carving again. One morning a week for three hours. It’s so nice to spend time with the teacher, an older gentleman who has been carving for decades.
Not only has it given me back a creative outlet I find it relaxing as well as rewarding. It will also help me create a great deal of Christmas gifts.




I have also begun part-time work at a medical clinic. While the pay leaves much to be desired the potential is promising.
Days are getting shorter, life is getting busy and moving quickly.

Happy Tuesday.

Local harvests

This afternoon after doing a scrub down of our home I went for a walk to check on the cranberries that grow close by.
I was very pleased when I noticed they were ripe and ready for picking. I went back later with a basket to pick the ones that were ripest and not mushy.
I’ve been picking cranberries here for the past three years and I’m always surprised no one else has found these bright red berries on the side of the road. It’s not like no one walks here, in fact tons of people do.
But I’m thankful.
This year we are spending thanksgiving at my sisters new home in New Brunswick and I am in charge of cranberry sauce and apple pie. I will make both next Friday and then take them up that Saturday Morning.
Here some pictures of my harvest.