Fall prep

This weekend we were super busy. After apple picking last weekend I started using the apples for applesauce, dehydrated apples and apple crisp on Saturday. The boys spent the day moving the remaining wood into the basement and then stacking it, yard cleanup and moving the lawn furniture into the garage for the winter.
Sunday I started picking grapes, the lawn was mowed, furnace was hooked up all except the outside chimney and hunting prep was done. I still have a great deal of grapes to pick, cranberries to harvest.
Tomorrow I will harvest grapes, make crab apple jelly and do housework.
Very productive weekend.
I already know the fall will fly by. We are going to New Brunswick for thanksgiving, hosting a pumpkin carving party the last Sunday of October, two weekends after that we will be going to the states to do our shopping. Between that will be weekends spent renovating.
Scary how fast it goes . . .






Pumpkins growing!



I got a chalkboard sign, I’ve been putting cheerful sayings on it, a different one every week.

20130929-202241.jpg      20130929-202257.jpg


Garlic bed planted – I’m hoping for the best…


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