Last Long Weekend of Summer

Remember how months ago we started digging footings for the house?ImageImage


Well it’s been three months, and the outside is completed.






now there is a front deck on (See picture below…), the door has been painted and we only need to mulch the garden – I’m thinking dark brown mulch and the walkway needs to be completed. Besides that it’s been a huge project that has turned into many other projects. As we all know, one renovation is never as simple as you initially thought.

Now the inside is all done, tiles laid last night and the railing is up. The light you see will be the light at the top of the stairs. It’s an older light that Mike is going to rewire and hang for me. 




The bottom stair treads need to be put on and trim around the entrance area. Then we will be done that part. We’ve moved the furnace/hot water heater downstairs and we need to remove the kitchen door and then patch the ceiling… Hopefully all will be done by Christmas – at least it has some more curb appeal – right?



I think so…


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