Busy, Busy Bees

Good Evening and Happy Last week of August – I must admit I’ve been a little MIA lately but I’ve been re-evaluting my life and goals. 

After three years of working at Real Estate I’ve decided this year will be my last. I will be finishing out the fall and that will be it. I’m not feeling like myself. I’m realized I’m a better me when I am working full time – working days and not all evenings/weekends. I’ve been exhausted lately and will be job hunting. I have had some interviews with a company I would love to work for but they are not hiring anytime soon.

I’ve also let myself fall back into bad eating habits and lack of exercise so I will be working at finding a good exercise routine that fits my time restraints and ability.

We have had a busy (and expensive) summer with our ongoing renovation (nearing completion – pictures to follow) and working. We did get out Chicks and I will update with pictures soon – they are getting big now!

Cheers to all and Hope everyone had a great summer


One thought on “Busy, Busy Bees

  1. I miss you C! I love reading about what you’re up to! I hope you find a job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled!
    Wish i could see you and your gorgeous garden! Come visit!

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