End of Summer

This is the last weekend of Summer (in my eyes anyway). This weekend we are running to New Brunswick to help my sister move into her new house – how exciting for her! Her first home, no more apartment living and she will finally have a backyard.

I have spent the last week working on harvesting herbs, giving away food we can’t eat (Dill, beans, mint) and of course working around the house on the reno.

This morning I went into the garden and spent an hour and a half weeding – holy gigantic weeds! –  and picking the remainder of our beans. I planted new beans five weeks ago and they are starting to produce too, perfect timing as the other ones seem to be done.

I’ve used up all the lettuce and tried picking radishes but they are not even relatively close to being big. They are just like weeds without red balls. How disappointing. Probably because I only planted them a short period of time ago.

Oh well,

I got a basket full of beans and I can’t wait to chow down on them all day.

beans1 beans2




Saying the chickens have grown would be an understatement – they have gotten HUGE! They are living outside now and although they are a bit skittish they will eat from our hands and they are so amazing to watch – hopefully we will get eggs soon! Well – by Christmas Baking Season.


Busy, Busy Bees

Good Evening and Happy Last week of August – I must admit I’ve been a little MIA lately but I’ve been re-evaluting my life and goals. 

After three years of working at Real Estate I’ve decided this year will be my last. I will be finishing out the fall and that will be it. I’m not feeling like myself. I’m realized I’m a better me when I am working full time – working days and not all evenings/weekends. I’ve been exhausted lately and will be job hunting. I have had some interviews with a company I would love to work for but they are not hiring anytime soon.

I’ve also let myself fall back into bad eating habits and lack of exercise so I will be working at finding a good exercise routine that fits my time restraints and ability.

We have had a busy (and expensive) summer with our ongoing renovation (nearing completion – pictures to follow) and working. We did get out Chicks and I will update with pictures soon – they are getting big now!

Cheers to all and Hope everyone had a great summer