Drying and Dehydrating.

Last year I got a dehydrator which I’ve been using mostly for deer jerky, apple slices and dried banana slices.

This year I’ve been experimenting. Since the David’s Tea Craze I have been drinking loose tea and I decided this past week to make my own tea! I dehydrated little diced lemon peel, grapefruit peel, apple peel, apple pieces, wild rose petals and raspberry leaves. I also added the little amount of black tea I had left. While I haven’t tried it yet – too hot for tea! It smells DELISH!


Today I am dehydrating wild mint leaves and a plant that I’ve been told can be used in teas to act as a cold medication. Soon I will be picking more rose petals and making jelly as well as flavoured vinegar. I will be drying Dill, chives, basil, lavender and various other herbs. I will also need to harvest what is left of the spinach that has gone to seed and freeze it.

ImageImageOur Sweet Peas have exploded and are just full of peas, Lettuce is ready to be eaten, Dill is up and ready to be used as well. Time to get eating!




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