Muddy weekend

This past weekend the hubby and I did something out of our comfort zones. In fact – very much so. We participated in the Halifax Mud Hero event hosted at Martock Ski Resort. 

It was a blast, very muddy and very hot. With highs of 34+ degrees on Sunday we were almost relieved to climb into the mud pits to cool off. It took us almost an hour and a half to finish the 6 kilometre course. We went up the ski hill, down mud slides, through pits and over and under obstacles. 

We came home exhausted but had a great time escaping from the never ending renovations and yard work. We also came home recharged. It’s great to be able to spend time together and just be a team. 
Besides the fee to join we got a free beer (we didn’t take advantage of this, we were too eager to get home and shower!), free hot dog, entertainment, a free t-shirt and a medal for finishing!

There were ‘showers’ at the end, but they were just outside showers so you still were in your clothes just getting wet. We stripped off what we could, put our sandals on and headed home  to lay back and rest up.



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