Drying and Dehydrating.

Last year I got a dehydrator which I’ve been using mostly for deer jerky, apple slices and dried banana slices.

This year I’ve been experimenting. Since the David’s Tea Craze I have been drinking loose tea and I decided this past week to make my own tea! I dehydrated little diced lemon peel, grapefruit peel, apple peel, apple pieces, wild rose petals and raspberry leaves. I also added the little amount of black tea I had left. While I haven’t tried it yet – too hot for tea! It smells DELISH!


Today I am dehydrating wild mint leaves and a plant that I’ve been told can be used in teas to act as a cold medication. Soon I will be picking more rose petals and making jelly as well as flavoured vinegar. I will be drying Dill, chives, basil, lavender and various other herbs. I will also need to harvest what is left of the spinach that has gone to seed and freeze it.

ImageImageOur Sweet Peas have exploded and are just full of peas, Lettuce is ready to be eaten, Dill is up and ready to be used as well. Time to get eating!



Muddy weekend

This past weekend the hubby and I did something out of our comfort zones. In fact – very much so. We participated in the Halifax Mud Hero event hosted at Martock Ski Resort. 

It was a blast, very muddy and very hot. With highs of 34+ degrees on Sunday we were almost relieved to climb into the mud pits to cool off. It took us almost an hour and a half to finish the 6 kilometre course. We went up the ski hill, down mud slides, through pits and over and under obstacles. 

We came home exhausted but had a great time escaping from the never ending renovations and yard work. We also came home recharged. It’s great to be able to spend time together and just be a team. 
Besides the fee to join we got a free beer (we didn’t take advantage of this, we were too eager to get home and shower!), free hot dog, entertainment, a free t-shirt and a medal for finishing!

There were ‘showers’ at the end, but they were just outside showers so you still were in your clothes just getting wet. We stripped off what we could, put our sandals on and headed home  to lay back and rest up.


Record Rainfall

This past month we had a record amount of rain. I’m talking 178mm compared to the average 50 or so odd mm’s we normally get.

That isn’t why I’ve been so slack on posting in my blog. I was also busy at work.

Anyway excuses aside we have been cruising right along with the big reno project. That is I go the door, the windows, we have the siding, the wood, footings and foundation poured, hole in cement cut and removed, drain tile around the foundation and gravel in the centre hole and around the footings. My dad is building the walls right now and then hopefully it will just all fall together.

I just planted more beans, as the beans we have seem… stunted.

Been working on the side garden and weeding the vegetable garden has become a full time job. Coop construction is at a standstill – at least while we are working on the front of the house and I have many little projects I’m trying to get into unsuccessfully.

Best get some water out to the worker bee while he’s here!

Cheers to all – photos to come!