We are Crazy

I admit it, we are crazy. We seem to just dive into one crazy venture after another.

Remember how we just finished our Bathroom Renovation? Yeah, me too.

This weekend we dug a giant hole in front of our home. Payed a guy to cut two doorways worth of the foundation out and poured a footing. In fact we have spent a lot of money on concrete. Close to $800. Plus the excavator guy and the man cutting the concrete.

This is the beginning – well actually this is after mike had ripped the deck off…


We need to still pour the foundation, then backfill the dirt into the foundation hole and surrounding area. Then the building can begin. The irritating part is that well, no one will ever see what we just spent over a thousand dollars on. it will all just be underground.

It was so hot out this weekend with those poor men digging and mixing concrete. I felt horrible not having an air conditioned dome to cover them with. Here is the process in picture form:



**Note that I left to go to work in between the cutting and removal of the concrete – So I don’t have a picture of the giant gaping hole, just a picture of it boarded up.ImageImage



So there you go folks, another renovation, another vacation we won’t take. Another visa racked up. Isn’t it great! Stay tuned…


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