Fig Tree Bonanza.

This past week we started fixing up the shed. I wanted a window, the floors were rotten, the giant door that was there before was broken and had let the rain and snow in so it was just a hot mess. 

I also want my new chicken coop to back into the shed. This was I can clean the coop without getting wet or cold if the weather is bad. So we tore it apart, fixed and braced up the floors, put new floors in, new walls, added the window, put the siding back on and now tonight is coop night! 





Yeah, I guess this year is get er’ done year. But we really have been making some big changes to our home/yard. 

I know what you’re thinking – that has nothing to do with a fig tree! Alright. 

Well it was Fathers day weekend also. Mike is a father so of course I had to include him in my father gifting. I was puttering at the superstore too lazy/late to make supper from scratch when I popped into the Garden Centre. That’s when I saw the giant pallet of FIG TREES. $14.97 each. No Tax.

A. Fig. Tree.

Naturally I bought four. This garden centre is the test market for the fig tree Robyn the garden centre guru told me. as I was making up my mind about them. They grow 12 feet tall and 12 feet wide. Grow figs you can eat. Self Pollenate. 
Obviously I bought them. I would have spent way more on anything else as a gift. So there was one for me, one for mike (hehehe two for me really), one for my dad and one for mikes dad. Of course mike was super excited… well after I explained how great they were and the GREAT deal – no tax. And as soon as he could smell the pre-cooked bbq chicken I brought home. I planted and re-staked them asap (well our two trees).

The next morning we went to visit mikes father. He loved it! Whats not to love? It’s the gift that just keeps giving I mentioned. Figs! Fig Newtons! A lifetime of tree! I was going a little overboard but I was excited.ImageImageImage


Of course with a shovel in hand I couldn’t help but notice the bull rushes growing in his side marsh. So I took some for myself! 

My father was equally thrilled! However he got some beer as well – he does help with our renovations. Speaking of which, remember that door I previously mentioned? The one from the Restore (and yes I did get the fifth chair – looks perfect). That Reno has begun. . .Image


Yes. I came home on Saturday to no deck. Remember this picture of our ugly front of house. Stay tuned, nothing is more irritating thrilling than a reno. Good thing we got dad that beer 🙂



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