ReStore – ing chairs.

Last night I was puttering on FaceBook, you know what you look through the profile of someone who you barely know. That’s what I was doing. I ended up finding a FaceBook page for Gateway Meat Market that announces their specials – awesome and a store that is partnered with the Habitat for Humanity – The ReStore. 

They had tons of awesome – TAX FREE – building supplies/appliances and furniture. Looking through the pictures of what they had in stock I found a couple things that interested me. Image

They were advertised as $15 each, tax free with several in store. Well… we all know what several means – between 2 – 3 chairs. I wanted them. I have been looking on and off for new kitchen chairs because the cat has destroyed the cheap Walmart ones we have.

Also I saw that they had Front doors. Well a new front door is about $850 – 1,200 … on sale. So since we have decided to add a front entry/split I have been keeping my eye out for deals.



This door was wait for it… $400. Four. Hundred. Dollars. No Tax. 

Finally a door with a window. I put it on my visa. 

The chairs, they had plenty. I wish I had gotten five instead of only four. Love them, super comfy, real wood and the right price.

Image    Image

They fit right in. $60. From an Golf course – fancy sman-cy I think it’s a deal.




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