Thrifting finds

This morning I woke up to a wet nose, in my face. Lexxi wanted me up. Turns out when I got up she really just wanted my spot. I eventually had to coax her out of bed with one of her toys and even then she was reluctant to start the day. 

After my morning routine I had to pop into town. I decided to make the best of it and popped into Gateway Meat Market – one of my favorite shops. I got bacon (on for $1.49 ea.) and some fruit/veg. They had peaches on for .67/lb so I loaded up on those too. I went to a Thrift store that I alway find gems in. Today was no different. I found a beautiful vase/bowl for 1.99$, two beautiful baskets for $2.99 ea. An outdoor lighthouse statue for the garden ($3.99) and a wooden statue ($1.99)


Image    ImageThen I went to CT and got Mike a Framer nailer that was on sale and some framing nails. Popped into the dollar store looking for chalkboard paint/chalk and found garden gnomes. They were heavy, concrete gnomes. Usually I’m not a big fan of the dollar store – I find a lot of the stuff is just garbage. A sturdy Garden Gnomes for $3. Not a waste of money. So of course I got four. One of each position. Image




I also found a window suction bird feeder that I hope will hold up and a snail that should be beautiful in the sun.

Image  ImageConsidering I spent $19.50 at the dollar store and I’ve spent $9.99 on a single garden gnome before I am really happy with what I walked away with.

After coming home and putting groceries away I popped over to Hubbies moms house to get those hosta plants we talked about for behind the pond. Armed with a shovel and the beautiful red wheelbarrow I filled up and I think it make a huge difference!

 Image  Image  Image


Baxter is a big fan of gnomes!

ImageImageImage  Image                  Image

The above two plants are the ones left in among the weeds that I left. I think they’re happy to be getting some attention and full sun. Dogs were happy with my finds that’s for sure!





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