Pond Garden Cleanup

Its Hot scorching out.

I’m still feeling crappy on and off, some kind of cold that decided to pop up on the couple nice days I have off. 

Today I worked behind the pond, it was a lot of work weeding and moving rocks to create rock barriers. Fortunately this yard is rock central and we had tons of rocks to use. I also finished weaving the string around the bamboo stakes to finish the pea trellises. 

Peas staked and trellises.

Mike was fabulous enough to put my new hooks up for me. 

Image            Image


I don’t like the second birdhouse for that location. So it will be moved and I’ll find something else that will suite the space better.

After the trellising and getting the beds ready for dirt/planting I popped to the Garden Centre down the street. They had a buy $100 in the garden centre and save $10 – automatically so $100 worth of stuff = $90.
Nothing makes me happier than saving money but if I’m going to be spending money I don’t need to then that isn’t saving. I needed some more soil – I have a big bag of peat moss that I will be working in as a great soil filler :). I needed about 15 bags of soil and at 5/$10 that brought me to $30. I needed a couple more blueberry plants to fill in the space – 3 at $9.99 each brought me to 59.97 and a 12 pack of succulents to fill in the space between the stumps, edge of the first garden. ($12.99) and the cabin bird house ($19.99) for mike that I had been eyeing for a total of 106.89 including tax. I think because I’m their so often and they  felt bad for my dirty appearance they gave be a 15$ break – I only ended up paying $86 and change. That is actually a $20 savings!!! I was thrilled! Came home and lugged the dirt out back, mixed it with peat moss and planted the succulents and blueberry bushes. 

Image     Image


Image Image


Image Image


Image Image


Image Image

Hubby’s mom Sharon wants her hostas trimmed, so I will be taking some pieces and hopefully filling the back part with five hostas or so. they will fill that space in perfectly!

What a big difference $86 makes and some hard labour. Lots more to get done but I’m feeling good about how much I’ve accomplished so far this year. 

Oh and July 16th is going to be a big day here at the Stevens household! Stay tuned…



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