Trip to the garden centre(s) is all I need for motivation!

Today I was feeling motivated, with the morning off and beautiful weather it was time to get some things done.  First of course laundry needed to be done so I could hang it out and then the regular daily clean up. Then I popped into the city to go to Canadian Tire where I got my fantastic Rhubarb at the end of the season last year for $1.99!  The hubby loves rhubarb – I mean who doesn’t!? – so I was feeling good strolling through CT. That feeling lasted a very short time. Apparently they’re sold out. For the year! But I got some late summer last year… Fluke she said. Got some comet and eggies for hubby, he’s been talking about them for some time now. Nothing can make you want something better than a good Infomercial. Image Then I headed home a bit disappointed. That was short lived. I popped into Sobeys Garden centre where they had Rhubarb – a giant container of rhubarb! For $9.99, that is a little more than I wanted to pay but now with the worry if I don’t buy it I’ll miss out on getting rhubarb I decided to just get it. I also got two containers of Lavender – the lavender I tried to grow never really grew into much of anything. As well as a small container of lemon balm. After my successful shop there I popped into another garden centre where I got nothing and then Lakeland. There they had rhubarb – I just had to compare! for… $18.99!!! and the plant was tiny! Maybe I just really lucked out last year.  Their Blueberry plants were way too expensive considering you need to buy two to get them producing fruit I would have to spend $24.99 (twice). I’m not necessarily cheap but gardening gets pricey so $50 on two blueberry bushes is just not something I can spend without feeling guilty.  I got home and then it hit me. Oh… I have no place for these plants… So I put my garden gloves on and started weeding the other side of the stump pile behind the vegetable garden. While I need to start working on the garden behind the pond it will lead quite nicely into that work. It took four hours and a lot of shovelling, pulling and hard work. I also found (remember the pile of garbage I cleared out behind the sheds – that is what the old owners did, buried their garbage..): a paint roller with the metal part, nail polish bottles – full of polish x 2, three shoelaces – one pink, two white with writing, a spoon, two bowls, three plastic pots, a broken pen, a garbage bag and a lamp shade.  Then after removing the weeds and garbage and building the bed up with rocks to create a raised type bed I really didn’t have much dirt so I went down the street to the local Superstore Garden Centre and got 5/$10 bags of top soil and two blueberry plants for $9.99 ea. I also got two metal hooks between $12.99 – $32.99 each at Canadian Tire – only $5.99 each at the Garden Centre! Score. Perfect spot for my bird feeders/hanging stuff. Oh and two little frog statues (prince and princess) for $4.99 each. 

Blueberry plants!

Came back and lugged the dirt to the backyard, planted my new goodies and finished the bed. Brought out the basil and oregano that had been on the windowsill and put those into my new herb garden too. I also had found two plants in among the weeds so they stayed. Cleaned up the mess, brought the frogs out. Decided I shouldn’t have cheap out and should have gotten two more rhubarb plants to sit on top of the stumps. Hubby’s mom came over with her new puppy and inspected my work, she liked!  Found Gout weed on the other side of my new garden – freaked out! Hate that stuff!!! Made sure to get rid of it. Put it in a garbage bag to make sure it doesn’t find its way back. Started working on the other side, tomorrows project.  Here is my progress!

Before, see past the stumps – weed central.
Weed Haven














Peas have been trellised … 


Next project (besides behind the pond)…



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