I’m actually a Crafty Little Bugger!

During my big behind the shed clean up I found an old rusty shovel head that I couldn’t bear to part with. I’ll admit it, I am a pack rat. I love garbage treasures, saving old things and repurposing.

I have been looking for some yard garden ornaments/decor. Let’s be perfectly honest – my family has a saying about parmesan cheese on a salad, when you think there is too much, put some more on – this saying bodes well for how I feel about garden decor, bird feeders, chocolate and gnomes. So I’ve been looking for good deals on gnomes/birds for the garden. 

Shovel head, in all it’s glory!

Having had zero luck today I was feeling crafty and I used the shovel head quite well I think!

Firstly my idea was to take some tole paints and make some kind of folk artsy flowers on it. Then I couldn’t find any paints, any brushes and I really can not paint. At all. 

So then I put the shovel away. 
No – of course I didn’t give up! Don’t worry – there is more to this tale!!!!

I was rooting through the garage for sand paper when I found an old beer can in the garbage. That was a little odd, we all know cans belong in the recycling. Hubby must have had a little moment. I rescued it and then thought – SHOVEL HEAD! EYES! I got excited, cut the can in half, cut it into like a sun shape with the edges bend. Spray painted two bottle caps for the eye balls, folded a can top into lips and then realized the big issue.

We don’t drink out of cans. 

UH oh. This one particular can I found in the garbage was a can i brought into the garage while dandelion head hunting and found it in our ditch. I couldn’t use the other half of the beer can because I needed the bottom part. So I ditch hunted. Found nothing which was bitter sweet – less litterers around! Went to mikes mom (who lives three doors down) and stole a can from her recycling! Success! 

Now how to glue it all together… SILICONE! Clear of course! 🙂 

Classy lady isn’t she!

And there you have it. Lady of the shovel. 



What have you created?!


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