Look how far we’ve come

Garden 2012

Today I was looking through last years pictures on my computer when I realized just how our yard is evolving and how much I’ve learned about gardening, yard work and  home ownership. Two years ago I moved in with the hubby and last year we built a garden. Not really sure about how to go about it or how much work it would take. we naïvely jumped in headfirst and actually did quite well. That’s when we fell in love with gardening. When we were chomping on corn from our own garden, eating peas freshly picked from our own backyard and looking at how well we did. We were hooked.

This year we decided to enlarge our garden and use a side patch for cucumbers, put our potatoes in potato barrels and look into planting more rhubarb, try to use the wild raspberries that are all over the back yard and look into a cold frame to extend our gardening season. So far we are right on track.

Garden 2013

***Note the Green Potato Barrels, black compost barrel and enlarged garden. We also added rain barrels to the sides of the house and have a little strawberry patch!

Hubby composting!

We also have grape vines that the previous owner put in as a measure of privacy which we have used for grape jelly, wine and everyday munching.

We have two crab apple trees that we are trying to get a little crop from as well. Not that we are against grocery shopping as we still do that weekly but nothing tastes better than your own home grown food and whats better than letting people know you made it.

Here is to a good year in the garden, good health and creativity!


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