Closing out sale – jackpot!

Today it was dreary, however after a beautiful and eventful weekend it was nice to take it easy and spend the day cleaning, organizing my closet, laundry and playing catch up. 

I was out grocery shopping friday of last week when I popped into Tag – the store. I was looking for a lemon juicer my mom had that was not only eye catching but very effective – I mean how often do you try and juice a lemon and wish you had a juicer? Honestly, not very often but when I need one, it would be nice to have one. 
So tag is having a closing out sale, jackpot!

I love a good sale, but I really love a store closing sale. Not much is better than that. I got some citronella candles for $1 each, some Christmas ornaments, Socks for the hubby and boy and some kitchen stuff and some baby clothes for the multitude of baby showers I’ll be attending in the near future. I spent 80$ and I think that was a fabulous deal. But, there was something else. I found a wall of FREE hangers. I have hangers, actually I have tons of hangers, but they are all mismatched and some are white, some coloured and some are metal some are plastic… well. I got a big box full, seemed greedy to take more than a box full, today I switched out to the new hangers. Regretted not getting more, ran in to get some more but alas, others had found the good deal and there were none left. Too bad, only enough for half of my clothing. Still, it’s great to have a good quantity of the same. 🙂

Who doesn’t love a sale?!?!



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