Wood, Wood and more wood

This year we got our eight cord of wood and unlike past years this year we were able to cut it and it’s mostly all split within a month! New Record folks!!!
As previously mentioned I have found ways to use some of the wood chips/bark as mulch but there are other things I would like to do now that we have all these materials just sitting and waiting for me!

I like to get an early start on Christmas gifts – I also like to make them. I feel it’s an all around better gift when it’s homemade.

The other night I mentioned how great it would be to have thinly sliced thick charger sized pieces and then littler coaster sized slices. Then I forgot about it. Guess what I found this morning!

Did I mention how great my hubby is?!


Next I will be sanding and finishing them off with a clear coat. I will be letting them dry out first and then get into it. Hopefully four coasters to each family member. So we will need plenty more! The chargers I’m not sure who will get those gems! Someone lucky that’s for sure. 

More logs to be sliced and I also want to make a side table like this one I’ve fallen in love with:



The fun will begin after the splitting and stacking has finished. 

Today I filled the rest of the shed up with wood, lots of work but it saves us a couple thousand dollars in oil heat.

Cheers to all – any other wood inspiration for me?



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