Yard Treasures

Tonight I’m up late. Very late. It’s 1:24 am right now

Why? Well, Sir Mike has gone to a fire call (fabulous volunteer firefighter that he is) – structure fire – so I’m sitting at home worried. Also I’m stressed on his behalf. He gets up at 5am to go to work, we usually go to bed at 10pm. He would have three and a half hours of sleep if he got home now. Poor man. I feel horrible for the family who lost their home tonight but I also feel horrible for the many volunteers losing their sleep to battle the flames before they work in the morning.

When I am worried I like to plan, well I plan when it’s dark. If it was daylight I would be stacking wood to keep busy, since the house is clean already I’m planning out the yard. 

We are also at a crossroads:  

  1. buy land & build a house
  2. buy a house we like more with a bigger yard
  3. stay here.

We are trying to decide what to do before we dump more money spend more here.
However land is expensive and we haven’t had any luck so far. Especially where I want to live. So for now we stay.

Remember how I cleaned behind the shed the other week, I found a couple of gems hidden back there besides just the obvious wood I’ve been using to create raised garden beds.

This old wagon wheel was just tossed out back;




I mean honestly people pay a pretty penny for a beauty like this!

The rest I’ve yet to find a use for besides the great pots (no cracks!) I found. Including the pipes, metal rods and fishing rod.

Besides that my apple tree is blooming;


Other free gems we have gotten over the past year are this spinning tree hanging ornament that a relative got for Christmas and mentioned giving it to charity. So I of course offered to take it instead. Also the metal bench by the pond in the second picture was going to be thrown away at mikes old work. We bought cushions for it (still in storage) and it’s actually quite comfortable!


What gems have you saved from the trash or gotten for free?!?!

In ending, here is to all the volunteers dedicating their time and hours of sleep to help keep us safe. Cheers and stay safe.



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