A gardeners work is never complete…

This past couple weeks have been busy here at the Stevens household.

The rest of the garden was planted, weeds maintained, dandelion war commenced, busy with work, making more laundry soap, my family from Tennessee come down, I got to see a great friend before she went back to BC, working in the front yard gardens and of course we can’t forget about the stacking and splitting of the wood.

It’s been rainy this past week. So the delicate balance between staying dry and wanting to garden was off kilter. I spent many rainy days weeding, yard work and moving mulch around. Did I mention weeding?

The plants are popping up and I’m a little worried as there are two more weeks until the risk of frost is gone. Pea’s are huge. Turnip, Brussels spouts, broccoli, spinach, onions, carrots, green onions and beets have poked their heads above ground.


Beautiful to anyone else?

This week I have been adding my wheat grass into my smoothies – not too bad!
Also more veggies and less red meat and dairy.

Hit the ten pounds lost mark this week. To celebrate I bought myself a bright yellow North Face rain jacket. Maybe new rain boots after twenty lost?

Weeding behind the garden is this weeks project, as well as the dandelions. I will be planting the pumpkins and more cucumbers this week. So much to do!

Nothing feels better than sleep after a full day of gardening.

Heres to healthy eating and spending time outside.


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