Raindrops keep falling on my head

This weekend was a busy one! 

Besides hosting a mothers day lobster dinner and working I was able to get some yard work done. We mowed the lawn for the first time. My favourite spring time smell. 

We put the finishing touches on our bathroom renovation – besides one small strip between the wall and tub it’s all done! To remind you what it used to look like…



and now…



Feels larger, brighter and cleaner. Nothing better than a freshened up bathroom!

I had to pick up some more seeds to plant and then I wed the gardens, started edging and mulching the front flower gardens and working around the pond. So much left to do that it’s almost overwhelming. That wood isn’t cutting and splitting itself but no need to buy mulch – the wood chips look just like natural bark mulch! Hidden bonus, nothing better than using something you have and saving money.


It’s been raining since last friday but yesterday we had enough sun to allow me to hang out the laundry and do yard work. I also made a batch of freezer shepherds pies and while cleaning out the pantry tried to figure out what I can start to use with the meat going bad in our freezer. The last of the deer meat was used and some old hamburger!

Ended up getting 6 Shephards Pies to freeze for Mike and Evan to cook on lazy nights when I work or if we’re too lazy to cook!


I also splurged on a new quilt and matching pillows – nothing like some pink to drain the manly right out of a bedroom. 🙂



Rain is good for the garden but lets hope it lets up soon.



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