Wood Heat, comes with a price.

On Friday we got our wood. 
8 cord. Eight Cord of wood.




Saturday and Sunday became cutting and splitting days and Monday I wheeled it all to the wood shed. We know most people leave it out to dry but the shed has airflow and it’s such an eyesore. In the middle of the front yard and if we leave it in a pile by the time we get to it it is full of bugs and spiders and snakes. Mike is terrified of snakes – me, I hate spiders. The shed will hold 4.5 – 5 cord of cut wood, the rest we will have to stack behind the wood shed on pallets. 

We have also been getting rid of rubbish around the yard and fixing the place up. Today I planted more of the garden, started weeding and ran around like a mad woman doing errands. 

Yesterday I thought I was being clever and put the tomato plants out for some sunshine. I was wrong. Too much sun and I shocked them all to death. They are all dead. 😦

So much weeding to do I’m a tad overwhelmed, a little by a little though right? 🙂

We also, (maybe to replace the dead tomato plants?) got a couple new fish for the freebie aquarium we were given. We had one lowly tetra in a bowl, now he has three more tetras and a beta fish (Siamese fighting fish) along with a moss ball (so cool!) and three additional water plants – we already had one. 
Of course we made sure to buy hardy and low maintenance fish and water plants because we are not the fish people some people are.


Today I also got some glass panes, I was looking for windows but I think  panes for the cold frames will work just as well. Also I would love a patio greenhouse but we will see how that goes, we have so much weeding and wood to go through that will all have to wait.

When I got Lexxi and Baxters Flea Medication they had a snazzy collar and leash that I thought our hunter men would appreciate. Baxter was sad, none in his size collar wise. He will get one soon though!



Sunny Cheer!


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