Seeds have been sown.

Today I raked my garden into rows. I also planted spinach, some peas, brussel sprouts and onions. 

Too Early you say? Pfffft. No. I don’t think so and in fact after I got in from the garden I noticed today Vesseys sent me an email letting me know it was planting time! So I was right on time!

Tomorrow weeding, weeding, weeding and weeding are on the menu. Also going to the city to get flea/worm/tick medication for the dogs and cat.

Great times ahead. This weekend we will be making trellis’s – the wood will be coming and we will be fencing off the garden from the dogs – they do love the garden but… the garden does not enjoy dogs digging in it. 

Also today I made my favourite lunch snack again, roasted vegetables and quinoa and today I’ve added chick peas!! Yummy. If you haven’t tried this with some balsamic and olive oil – what are you waiting for!!! So good and gluten free. I’ve become very aware about gluten allergies as one of my good friends just found out she is celiac. So, I’ve been trying to help her with ideas for great food – any ideas?



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