Prep Time


This week we have been prepping. 

Our pond was cleaned and refilled with clean water, we tilled our garden – making it an extra couple feet out both ways. We raked the grass – usually not a big deal but we had cut down three giant dead trees so there was a lot of little sticks and wee tree bits all around. We burned it and then tilled again. I started weeding the gravel around our pond. Tilled again. Then I started cleaning between the sheds; we moved into our home two years ago, and since we have cleared dumpsters worth of garbage – actual garbage out of the backyard. Because the pigs we bought our home from were dirty, messy, corner cutting people. 

Evan helping out!

So regardless, I pulled out a crazy amount of rotten wood, not like branches and yard debris but actual lumber, good quality lumber. A sign from the floral shop a previous owner had here. Old boots, fishing rod, metal poles, more lumber, garbage, rotten boards and some good boards. I have leaned the board we could salvage (not very many) against the shed to dry off and hopefully I’ll be able to use them for my raised garden bed and cold frame.

Today I will be getting seaweed and hopefully clearing out from behind the sheds to get rid of all signs of previous homeowners. I am pulling garbage bags out from the dirt every time I did… because that is what they used under everything as a weed barrier.

I also need to finish weeding around the pond and for dandelions in general and plan for the layout of our garden. 

I also started more plantings on the window sill, lavender, a couple sunflowers and bean plants that were on clearance, wheat grass and of course my formally eggshell tomato plants that don’t seem to be growing the way I expected… I wonder why. Not enough sun?
We don’t really have window sills, all the sills were just shallow and barely there. Not nearly enough space to sit something on let alone a plant. 
Today is cloudy and miserable – perfect day to do yard work I think!

Herb on our one window sill
Basil I’ve been using for soups/pastas along with jiffy beans!
Little plant-lings that were just such I good deal I had to indulge.
Sunflowers too!
Soaking the wheat grass seeds!
Trellis frame idea that I want built


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