War has begun – commence the gardening!

Today the war began. 

Not just any war but the yearly Dandelion war. They are the first plant to get green, so today while the grass was just losing it’s brown winter tinge I began. Three giant bucket loads. Three. Into the green bin. I didn’t even survey the whole lawn because I’m soon getting ready for work. Three giant buckets full. Then I started in on the weeds in the pea gravel surrounding our pond. Raked all the sticks out of the garden and then Mike and I decided to extend the garden about two feet out and a foot width wise. 

Mike cleaned out and refilled the pond yesterday and this morning – what a job! I’m glad I was working – well… slightly.

One more day to get the tilling and weeding done. Then the weekend will be over and it will be just me to work on it on Monday. Nothing feels quite as satisfying as lawn work. 

Pictures to come! Garden will be a beaut.

Sunny Cheer!


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