Our weight loss challenge.

Mike and I went to Jamaica last year – unhappy with our weights. That was a year ago this week and since then I’ve gained.. sigh… almost 30 pounds. Mike has gained about 15 but he has lost some muscle and gained fat.

Today after having tried to get things done and really accomplishing nothing we made a challenge to each other. Timeline starting tomorrow we will have two months – Monday June 10th we will each weigh in and whoever has lost the most weight will get $200 out of our budget to spend on whatever.
I’m been slowly working on getting fit but hopefully this will be enough incentive to get more into it. Nothing like a playful competitive rivalry between partners. Not only could it end up helping us relationship wise – not that theres anything major wrong with us but it could help us slim down and that is what it’s all about.

Cheers to all and Good luck to us!


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