Our Wonton love affair

This week was a week of firsts for our little family;

  • First time Mike and I did our taxes as a common-law couple (last year we hadn’t lived together long enough to combine). 
    This was a sad learning day as we were stupid enough to ask our Tax lady what we would get if we were still singles – well… an additional $4500. So that was unfortunate. Now we know… don’t ask.
  • First time someone has responded to our kijiji ad and came to see our pool table – that he didn’t buy.
  • First time I started to re-evaluate what I’ve accomplished and where I should go career wise.

Besides that it was an alright week. We got our taxes done – Check√. I also went on a nice hike with my brother and found a wooden sign that had washed on shore, drug it home and I will be turning it into some wall art – stay tuned!
Today I decided to do the grocery shopping what with the big stove smash upset (and added expense) I didn’t go grocery shopping last week so today was a big one. Not only did we need a lot of pantry staples but we needed dog food. 
I went to the local meat market – got some ground pork (for wonton soup), green onions, turnip, chicken breasts, stewed beef and lettuce.
Then I went to Costco… now, I have a love – hate relationship with Costco… I love, Love, LOVE Costco, it’s great but I hate heading in there and then spending $300 on… nothing. 
Today I tried my best and bought some veggies, milk (always cheapest at Costco), eggs (only place I can get 18 eggs and not 12 or a flat), frozen meals for Evan, Some funky blue pants I have yet to try on, pasta, tomato sauce, dried cranberries and my personal favourite – a GIANT stock-pot for only – $39.99!!!!
If you have been reading my blog, which I certainly hope you are, I use my giant pot ALL the time. Large batches of soup, making laundry detergent, cooking lobster or mussels, etc. So when I saw this pot last time I was at Costco I first decided I could use my other one – the one Mike had before we met. But I’ve been thinking about it and when I saw it. It was fate.
Then I went to Daves for the rest of the fruit and veg I needed and then Sobeys for Wonton wrappers, sesame oil and some other misc items. 

When I finally got home, unloaded the car and then put away the large assortment of goods I decided to treat Mike to a pre-prepared supper but also to his favourite lunch meal. Wonton Soup. I make giant batches – yielding 20-30 containers of soup to freeze so he gets between 2-4 weeks of pre-made lunches. Today I got 25 containers but two of these are huge containers that I consider two each so I really made 28 containers. 
Here is my tried and true Wonton Recipe for anyone that is interested.
You need;

  1. Chicken Stock – usually 6-8 boxes
  2. Sesame Oil
  3. Fish Oil
  4. Rice Vinegar 
  5. Salt & Pepper
  6. Soya Sauce
  7. Ginger – I use fresh or minced – not powdered ginger. maybe 2 tablespoons
  8. Ground Pork – usually two packages.
  9. Wonton Wrappers – I use two packs usually
  10. Bok-choy or nappa cabbage
  11. Green Onions
  12. Brown sugar
  13. 2 good sized huge Carrots
  14. Giant pot.
    **You can add shrimp to the wonton mixture – I don’t but you can.**

So first I take the ground pork and put it in a big bowl. The Pork has the be de-thawed but raw. Add ginger, soya sauce (eyeball it maybe 1/6 cup?), a little amount of fish oil, sesame oil – maybe 2 tablespoons – then another :), wine vinegar a good spoonful of brown sugar and a couple finely chopped green onions. Mix it all up and let it all get delicious. 

While this is marinating put all the chicken stock into a stockpot, peel and thinly slice the carrot and some more green oil as well as the bok-choy or nappa cabbage. Let it simmer. I usually put the heat on 4 because you do want the carrot to cook. I then add a bit of salt, pepper – use your own discretion. But not too too much pepper! some sesame oil and splash of soya sauce. By this time I’m usually into 20 minutes. 


Put another pot of water on to boil.
So lay out the wonton wrappers and spoon small amounts – teaspoon amount of the mixture into the centre. take a brush or your finger and put water on each of the four edges of the wrapper. Fold opposite corners into each other, press sides to make sure they’re all together. Then fold the other opposite corners into each other over the first two. Set aside, continue. 


When the water is boiling put wontons in. For about a minute or two until the wonton wrapper is cooked like pasta – the meat inside will be cooked too. then put finished wontons into the soup. don’t fill the pot with all the wontons, they need space. 

When you’re all done you can portion 🙂 add more pepper, sesame oil, soya sauce to taste.

These freeze so well and then you can just pop them into the microwave or a pot on the stove to heat them up for a tasty, healthy lunch. 

I spend about 24$ batch on the nappa, green onions, wonton wrappers, chicken stock and ground pork which works out to over a dollar a soup. I don’t think that’s too bad!
Enjoy 🙂



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