What goes up, must come down…

Just when I was feeling good about the bathroom coming together – crack filling is finally done and sanded – our microwave blew up.
So we waited a week and found one on sale.
Unfortunately Mike doesn’t always check his surroundings and while taking the microwave down (over the range mounted) he fell and smashed the glass stove top with his knee. Don’t worry he wasn’t hurt. But well… it wasn’t a good evening from that moment on.



Did you know most stores don’t have stove actually in stock and you have to Order them in? 10 – 15 business days on average. Now lets be frank here, I use my stove daily. I mean I am always cooking on my stove. Unless I’m making a salad – but that is usually to go with what I’ve cooked or baked on or in my stove. So 2 – 3 weeks, wasn’t going to cut it.
I went to Home Depot, Leons, Sears… Leons was the clear winner.
Got the stove, sulked a bit about how much money we spent this month and then called my dad and brother to help me get it into the house. It was Easter Monday and Mike had to work but everyone else was home.
Dad put in the microwave and stove. What a lifesaver.

Life is good again.

Lesson Learned – be careful and assess the situation, eliminate potential disasters.
Also for when that won’t be enough have an emergency fund so that when those disasters are not avoided you can fix the issue.
Microwave, Stove, Fuel Pump on my car – that was three. It comes in threes. Time to start saving up again.


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