I’m so excited for spring, I wet my plants!

So I heard a couple weeks ago that Tomato plants would thrive in Eggshell planters. So I got the cook at work one morning to save me the shells – and to crack them close to the top which she kindly did.
*Note that when eggshells are freshly cracked this is the time to poke a couple small drainage holes in the bottom so that the water doesn’t just settle and create rot.*
I used a large plastic type egg carton from Costco to hold them in so that the cardboard wouldn’t just get wet and gross… 
Last Monday while mike was in reno mode I put some soil in the eggs, wetted it down and put 2-3 cherry tomato seeds in each shell. Then because we have no window sills… sigh… I put the egg carton on the coffee table by the window and tried to keep them in the sun as long as possible.

Yesterday – one week into their growth I took this picture.Image

What BEAUTIES! I hope they don’t grow too much – or I’ll be cracking those shells sooner than I thought. Happy Planting!


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