Monday Laundry Blues

Good Morning and Happy monday to all!

While many people are at work grumbling about the weekend being over and eagerly anticipating Friday I am one of the few that works weekends and used Monday as my Saturday/Sunday. So today I have oodles of laundry (a teenager, man who has been working hard renovating = dirty and me) and I was almost out of detergent. Well – I was down to one container and I have the time to make it so I thought I would stock up. 
Now I’m not necessarily cheap but I am not a fan of giving money for something I can easily make or do myself. So when I came across this recipe about two years ago I gave it a try and for the past two years I have spent a total of – 12$ on laundry soap. No Joke Twelve dollars.

You only need three ingredient – Borax, Washing Soda and a bar of soap – I have only ever used Ivory Soap – but I’m sure any kind would work. 
Water – you will need 6 cups, 4 cups of hot water and then 22 cups.
A Stove and giant pot – to heat the ingredients
A grater to grate the bar of ivory soap.

Three Ingredients


So after I have Assembled My ingredients – pretty difficult… I measure out half a cup of the borax and washing soda and then set it aside. I then Grate the bar of soap and put it and 6 cups of water in my giant pot stirring occasionally until the soap has all disolved.


I then add the borax and washing soda and 4 cups of hot water. Remove from the heat – well I turn the burner off at this point. When it’s all melded together I add the 22 cups of water and pour into my containers. I let it sit and in a couple hours you can use it.

YES you can use it for a new washer – High Efficiency. 
Yes it is that easy, no it shouldn’t be a solid – more like… a gooey, soupy mix. It’s low sudsing – but it does work. The soap doesn’t need to be sudsy to work. 
You can add a bit of essential oil if you want a smell. I don’t, seems like an extra step that I haven’t bothered with since I normally try to hang my clothes up to dry anyway. 

Hope you all enjoy!



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