The light is near!

So it’s Tuesday now and we are nearing the end of Reno day 5. This renovation has been intertwined with the many social events that come with a birthday weekend.

Luckily they weren’t hosted at our place as we didn’t get our toilet back in until Sunday. Talk about a necessity.

Mike was a hard worker all weekend – he also needed a little afternoon fuel. Since his birthday happens to fall on Saint Patrick’s day we did some celebrating – minor celebrating – because we were in full on no bathroom mode and missing not only a shower but a vanity and toilet.

A little Reno fuel - Green of course, a little nod to Saint Patricks day!
A little Reno fuel – Green of course, a little nod to Saint Patricks day!

These are our tile options – the grey is for the floor tiles, then white with a border around eye level in the shower.floor

After reinforcing the sub floor – a two man job. Thank God for my father – he is definitely a construction guru. He helped LOADS.

floor! door bathroom toilet:tub in backProgress. The wonder board is on for the shower/waterproofing – the toilet is in (Thankfully!). Note the full door, it’s new – no cat door! Wahoo! If I do say so myself – the floor is absolutely beautiful and look how bright it is looking!!!!

I think it’s a real Stunner, with five days without a bathroom I’m excited to have a vanity in, more importantly, this afternoon the water was turned back on sooo… brace yourself – we have a toilet AND running water in the vanity. Mike’s preparing the shower to be tiled, measuring, sorting… etc…0-1 0-2 0

Look at that, looks like paradise.

So next time, Hopefully we will have better news next post.

Cheers to all!


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