Egg – a – thon

So this week I decorated for easter – that is I put up the easter wreath, took down the remainder of Christmas things and got out the two bunnies I have for decorating, I found the Eggs I had ambitiously decorated last year and started saving more to decorate.
Then I found this picture and thought – I liked Pokemon when I was little and everyone does plain eggs. I want to make some egg friends.

Egg - inspiration

Now I’m not actually that creative – I mean this is some artistic talent here. But I tried.

So now one of my eggs had lines but I trudged on – Also I don’t have paint. I used markers/crayons.

Here is what I accomplished today:

Tangela, Poliwag
Voltorb and Clefairy

Pikachu – opps, there were lines on him I thought I would have been able to hide.
Psyduck and a Vampire that I made last year but Love.


Here we have a cow pattern (last years – but I like.) Mew, then Charmander, a cloudy colour mix and a wrapped up egg present for my Fiancé Mike. egg3


Although I’m impressed with all of them I liked Psyduck and Tangela best. They just turned out so well.

Happy Easter Decorating all!!


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