I’m so excited for spring, I wet my plants!

So I heard a couple weeks ago that Tomato plants would thrive in Eggshell planters. So I got the cook at work one morning to save me the shells – and to crack them close to the top which she kindly did.
*Note that when eggshells are freshly cracked this is the time to poke a couple small drainage holes in the bottom so that the water doesn’t just settle and create rot.*
I used a large plastic type egg carton from Costco to hold them in so that the cardboard wouldn’t just get wet and gross… 
Last Monday while mike was in reno mode I put some soil in the eggs, wetted it down and put 2-3 cherry tomato seeds in each shell. Then because we have no window sills… sigh… I put the egg carton on the coffee table by the window and tried to keep them in the sun as long as possible.

Yesterday – one week into their growth I took this picture.Image

What BEAUTIES! I hope they don’t grow too much – or I’ll be cracking those shells sooner than I thought. Happy Planting!

Monday Laundry Blues

Good Morning and Happy monday to all!

While many people are at work grumbling about the weekend being over and eagerly anticipating Friday I am one of the few that works weekends and used Monday as my Saturday/Sunday. So today I have oodles of laundry (a teenager, man who has been working hard renovating = dirty and me) and I was almost out of detergent. Well – I was down to one container and I have the time to make it so I thought I would stock up. 
Now I’m not necessarily cheap but I am not a fan of giving money for something I can easily make or do myself. So when I came across this recipe about two years ago I gave it a try and for the past two years I have spent a total of – 12$ on laundry soap. No Joke Twelve dollars.

You only need three ingredient – Borax, Washing Soda and a bar of soap – I have only ever used Ivory Soap – but I’m sure any kind would work. 
Water – you will need 6 cups, 4 cups of hot water and then 22 cups.
A Stove and giant pot – to heat the ingredients
A grater to grate the bar of ivory soap.

Three Ingredients


So after I have Assembled My ingredients – pretty difficult… I measure out half a cup of the borax and washing soda and then set it aside. I then Grate the bar of soap and put it and 6 cups of water in my giant pot stirring occasionally until the soap has all disolved.


I then add the borax and washing soda and 4 cups of hot water. Remove from the heat – well I turn the burner off at this point. When it’s all melded together I add the 22 cups of water and pour into my containers. I let it sit and in a couple hours you can use it.

YES you can use it for a new washer – High Efficiency. 
Yes it is that easy, no it shouldn’t be a solid – more like… a gooey, soupy mix. It’s low sudsing – but it does work. The soap doesn’t need to be sudsy to work. 
You can add a bit of essential oil if you want a smell. I don’t, seems like an extra step that I haven’t bothered with since I normally try to hang my clothes up to dry anyway. 

Hope you all enjoy!


Week 1

Having to drive ten minutes to shower at my parents house is not ideal but our shower is slowly coming along. Tomorrow marks us being one week into our renovation.

Mike has been working hard and I wish I was a bigger help but the bathroom is really only big enough for one of us to work without wanting to kill the other. 
Also did I mention Mike is a volunteer firefighter? So whenever he is REALLY getting into it and getting things done I hear the beep beep beep beeeeeeep of the pager and off he goes. So everything is done except the tiling/trim and painting. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but – the tiling is really the main part here. 

So here is the partial progress of the bathroom reno.



More to come!!

The light is near!

So it’s Tuesday now and we are nearing the end of Reno day 5. This renovation has been intertwined with the many social events that come with a birthday weekend.

Luckily they weren’t hosted at our place as we didn’t get our toilet back in until Sunday. Talk about a necessity.

Mike was a hard worker all weekend – he also needed a little afternoon fuel. Since his birthday happens to fall on Saint Patrick’s day we did some celebrating – minor celebrating – because we were in full on no bathroom mode and missing not only a shower but a vanity and toilet.

A little Reno fuel - Green of course, a little nod to Saint Patricks day!
A little Reno fuel – Green of course, a little nod to Saint Patricks day!

These are our tile options – the grey is for the floor tiles, then white with a border around eye level in the shower.floor

After reinforcing the sub floor – a two man job. Thank God for my father – he is definitely a construction guru. He helped LOADS.

floor! door bathroom toilet:tub in backProgress. The wonder board is on for the shower/waterproofing – the toilet is in (Thankfully!). Note the full door, it’s new – no cat door! Wahoo! If I do say so myself – the floor is absolutely beautiful and look how bright it is looking!!!!

I think it’s a real Stunner, with five days without a bathroom I’m excited to have a vanity in, more importantly, this afternoon the water was turned back on sooo… brace yourself – we have a toilet AND running water in the vanity. Mike’s preparing the shower to be tiled, measuring, sorting… etc…0-1 0-2 0

Look at that, looks like paradise.

So next time, Hopefully we will have better news next post.

Cheers to all!

Mike’s Birthday Bathroom Remodel

Shortly after buying our home we has realized that the previous owner had put in a one piece tub/shower piece… covering up the window. Now I’m a big window fan and so when my father made a reference to our bathroom being as dark as the black hole of Calcutta I egged it on. Until I can home from a late night to see our shower having been torn out.

This is our Bathroom pre-reno. Note the dark green and lack of window
This is our Bathroom pre-reno. Note the dark green and lack of window
This is the floor out and tub ready to go!
This is the floor out and tub ready to go!
This is the tub out, with the window visible - Nice window actually!
This is the tub out, with the window visible – Nice window actually!

Now… I love a good reno project, last year we did the garage, the living room, laundry room and kitchen and most of the backyard. so I’m not afraid of getting dirty and getting it done. I am however not a fan of fixing up part of a room to leave it half old – especially if it’s not going to work. So… We are completely re-doing the bathroom… in a three day weekend – did I mention we have One bathroom?

So day one – tub and floor is out. We went to Home Depot and Kent and 1800$ later we had a new tub (on sale – march is improvement month! Who knew!), new vanity, the one we had in there was all water soaked pressboard – not to mention ugly. New subfloor, grout, sealer, mortar, floor tiles, wall tiles and extras like the faucets, drain, new plumbing, caulking, etc… A bathroom is not cheap.


Birthday Cards

I hate buying store bought cards, I don’t mind getting them but I hate dishing out $5+ on a card.

You know those people that can whip up a Martha Stewart-esk card without breaking a sweat? I’m not one of them. But I don’t have extra money to spend on the five birthday cards I would have to buy in the next two weeks… that would be at least $20… on five cards. So I have a giant bin on plain cards, cute fronts but plain insides. Now I considered just signing them and sending them out – but I felt a tad guilty and figured I’m creative – well I think google and Pinterest can help me with my creativity. So I decided to give it a go.

Step 1. Card.
Step 1. Card.

Started with a plain boring card and soon…


insideDone! and not as beautiful as I envisioned in my head but could be worse.





Well a couple of big things happened this morning,

– I really enjoy Duck Dynasty, what a great show, they are all so monotoned. 

– I have zero ambition right now. In fact it’s… 11am and I am not yet dressed – haven’t worked out yet and I’m just lazing. I work tonight at 4:30 so I guess that’s my excuse. But I keep wishing I had already worked out. 

This just brings me to my issue – lack of inspiration. On these days, hopefully everyone else has them too, how do you force yourself up. Do you just do it, just get up? I mean I’ve been up, got supper ready for the boys to eat tonight, let dogs out, fed them, cleaned, but now I’m back in my nice warm bed. 🙂

It doesn’t happen very often at least. I’ll get up soon…

Inspired by the Biggest Loser

After posting about food – Chopped and Come Dine With Me Canada I remembered my lack of working out this morning – I’ve been making an effort to use the elliptical for 30 minutes a morning 5 days a week. Now missing one day may not seem like a big deal – but for me… one day will lead to another day so It’s 8pm here and I am going to write this and hop down to the basement to get this done.

Being a big fan of Pinterest  I mean lets all be honest – who isn’t? Best way to keep track of anything you like on the internet… I found this inspiration and I will be posting a picture about *shudder* my least favourite body part – my arms (Well least favourite after my thighs, legs and torso) Tomorrow, then in three weeks and again in 6. Hopefully I will be able to tell the difference. I have been incorporating more vegetables in our diet and trying to ditch the junk.

So anyone wanting to follow along – I will be doing 2 sets of 15 until that’s too easy and then I will up it to 3 sets of 25 by the end. I only have 5 pound weights so this week I will have to get 10 pound weights to really ensure results.

If I need a snack we will be eating – Kale Chips… I have never eaten these but if not tonight they will be my tomorrows snack. (found the recipe on you guessed it! Pinterest!) I’ll let you know. The super vegetable.

Cheers to all and lets get up and work out!


It’s currently 9pm, I did 30 mins on level 7 – 555 calories burned and then the arm exercise and I even threw in some planking… I also spent a good 5 minutes laying on the floor exhausted. Good Work out and hopefully this will help me to getting fit.Image

Food Television and me.

Love this show - who doesn't? Crazies that is who.
Love this show – who doesn’t? Crazies that is who.

I have recently started watching Chopped on a regular basis, not only is it always on the television but it’s just an all around awesome show. It also makes me feel like perhaps I could be a chopped champion. Another food show I love – actually the only other food related show I watch – is Come Dine With Me Canada.

Nothing is better than five strangers eating together all week. Except maybe secretly being able to rate them.
Nothing is better than five strangers eating together all week. Except maybe secretly being able to rate them.

cdwm2Inspiring me to be a better cook and maybe to abandon the Kraft Dinner/toast on a regular basis I have upped my game in case I somehow make it onto either show.

Now Mike isn’t really as into these shows as I am, he’s more into the action television and dare I mention his five o’clock weakness general hospital… but he will every once in a while sit down and watch them with me and he enjoys it. He’s not really a big cook but he can appreciate a good show. Besides that I sneak them in as often as I can.


Egg – a – thon

So this week I decorated for easter – that is I put up the easter wreath, took down the remainder of Christmas things and got out the two bunnies I have for decorating, I found the Eggs I had ambitiously decorated last year and started saving more to decorate.
Then I found this picture and thought – I liked Pokemon when I was little and everyone does plain eggs. I want to make some egg friends.

Egg - inspiration

Now I’m not actually that creative – I mean this is some artistic talent here. But I tried.

So now one of my eggs had lines but I trudged on – Also I don’t have paint. I used markers/crayons.

Here is what I accomplished today:

Tangela, Poliwag
Voltorb and Clefairy

Pikachu – opps, there were lines on him I thought I would have been able to hide.
Psyduck and a Vampire that I made last year but Love.


Here we have a cow pattern (last years – but I like.) Mew, then Charmander, a cloudy colour mix and a wrapped up egg present for my Fiancé Mike. egg3


Although I’m impressed with all of them I liked Psyduck and Tangela best. They just turned out so well.

Happy Easter Decorating all!!