Fall Fabulous

Beautiful week, the weather has been exceptional, we went apple picking this weekend and we picked 50 pounds of apples (30 Gravensteins and 20 Macintosh). What a great time. Then I finished my wreath, turned out FANTASTIC. If I do say so myself. ImageI then picked up a couple of fabulous old plates, great basket and some Christmas bulbs/garland from a thrift store. Today I spent the day cleaning and painting a fabulous pumpkin. I had seen a great pumpkin alternative to carving, I painted the pumpkin than I melted crayons so that the drips turned it into a great looking design.


Not too shabby for a first timer eh?

I’m at a cross-roads with Real Estate. I’ve been contacted to apply for a Sales position with a great reputable company that would give me a steady salary, allow me to have weekends/evenings off. So I suppose I will need to think it through – although I haven’t really been offered anything so I don’t want to get my mind set on a new chapter before anything is concrete.



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