Inspiration comes in different ways

I have spent the last week gaining insight into how my new broker works and viewing listings that I will hopefully be coming on as co-listing agent.
What a weight has been listed off my shoulders after leaving my old brokerage. I’m not one to name names so I will refrain as much as I want to bash their unprofessionalism and lack of respect for agents not in their own office. But I will not – well not more than that.

While visiting homes that are are unique and spectacular as their owners I have been inspired not only to be more into vintage and organic foods/homemade goodies but to really step back and make sure I am going in the right direction. My new broker makes sure to use baskets and linens and always is as I say ‘chic’. She also does not like the work vintage but prefers ‘Retro’.

Regardless I have found a wreath I have decided I am crafty enough to create. So here  is the photo that inspired me;


I then found a tube, yarn, felt and ribbon of course and started working away – how cute is this! Especially for my front door. It took a couple of hours to wrap, tighten, adjust, wrap, tighten, etc… then this is what my base was looking like;


I then continued working into the night (well survivor was on so I took a break and watched with my family and then continued on until finally yarn was done.






So I have it all together, I am doing stitching on the leaves and hopefully I will have it on my door by Saturday! I will keep you all updated with my progress 🙂



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