Hurricane Leslie

Today we are getting pummelled with 100millimetres of rain.
Nothing is more relaxing than laying in bed and being able to listen to the sound of rain, however this isn’t a gentle drip-dropping this is a beating of rain. I’m also more concerned with how wet my dogs will be after I let them out than how great of a morning to sleep in. It’s not that I had entirely planned to do a whole lot outside or really anything outside but now that there is no way I’ll be outside I’m dreaming about what I could be doing.

So Today I will make pickled beats, clean, do laundry, do some work related things, filing and client follow ups.
Also since I have nothing better to do I will maybe make a fancy supper.

Michael has his last week at his current job before moving on to bigger and better things and starting a different job next Monday – this to me seems really exciting but the downfall is he will get no vacation time until January after his 3 month probationary period.
I’m not a big fan of job hopping, I have had three jobs in the past three years however one was my internship that ended, then a temp job and now Real Estate. Through all of that I’ve waitressed at the same place for the past five years.

Alright time to stop procrastinating. Have a great Monday Bloggers!


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