The Beginning of Blog


noun /ˈhapənˌstans/ 
happenstances, plural

  • Coincidence
    • – it was just happenstance that I happened to be there
    • – an untoward happenstance for Trudy

I like to believe that things are part happenstance and part meant to be. Everything happens for a reason. If I hadn’t been hard pressed to find an internship for my Business course I wouldn’t have accepted a job with a family run, six person business, but I was. If I hadn’t been there I would have never met Michael, but I did. If I hadn’t met Michael I would have never fallen in love, found the courage to follow my dreams and pursue my passions – thankfully I did.

We live in a small bungalow outside of the city, fenced in yard, three bedrooms and one bathroom. We have spent the past two years (We moved in two years ago) renovating. First it was the kitchen and living room, complete tear out, new walls, floors, stairs to the basement, counters, backsplash, island… you name it – it was replaced. Then it was the floors from laminate to hardwood. Finally I thought the renovations were over! Then we found moisture in our basement – our Laundry nook has soaked drywall – so it was time to renovate. Our tiny laundry room became and mudroom/laundry beauty. New curtains and paint upstairs, master bedroom was redone. So Finally I thought we were finished. Now the Man cave shed/garage type room is being turned back INTO a garage and the basement furnace room is being made smaller so the open area in the basement can house the pool table that was initially in the garage. Back into it we go.

I’m a full-fledged lazy wedding planner. I am not interested with booking photographers, venues and finding a dress. So this year I will be pushing myself to do it. Heres hoping I get it all together.

I quit my job to be a Realtor®, Entering my second year – I have just switched brokerages – which, got messy but I don’t kiss and tell – at least not right now :). Great job, I love it but I’m still poking along which is why I’m still waitressing two nights a week at the Pub I’ve worked at since I could legally serve drinks.

I tried gardening this year – what a bumper crop! Corn, Carrots and Beans oh my!
I will be pickling beets tomorrow and making hodgepodge to freeze for later days so that when I’m too lazy to cook we can just heat up some soup.

I’ve recently come out of a slump and will be trying to lose the 40 +/- pounds I have gained since college.

So here goes my tales of woe, inspiration, determination and procrastination. I needed a place to lay my thoughts and of course vent. 
Happy Reading!


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