Fall Fabulous

Beautiful week, the weather has been exceptional, we went apple picking this weekend and we picked 50 pounds of apples (30 Gravensteins and 20 Macintosh). What a great time. Then I finished my wreath, turned out FANTASTIC. If I do say so myself. ImageI then picked up a couple of fabulous old plates, great basket and some Christmas bulbs/garland from a thrift store. Today I spent the day cleaning and painting a fabulous pumpkin. I had seen a great pumpkin alternative to carving, I painted the pumpkin than I melted crayons so that the drips turned it into a great looking design.


Not too shabby for a first timer eh?

I’m at a cross-roads with Real Estate. I’ve been contacted to apply for a Sales position with a great reputable company that would give me a steady salary, allow me to have weekends/evenings off. So I suppose I will need to think it through – although I haven’t really been offered anything so I don’t want to get my mind set on a new chapter before anything is concrete.


Inspiration comes in different ways

I have spent the last week gaining insight into how my new broker works and viewing listings that I will hopefully be coming on as co-listing agent.
What a weight has been listed off my shoulders after leaving my old brokerage. I’m not one to name names so I will refrain as much as I want to bash their unprofessionalism and lack of respect for agents not in their own office. But I will not – well not more than that.

While visiting homes that are are unique and spectacular as their owners I have been inspired not only to be more into vintage and organic foods/homemade goodies but to really step back and make sure I am going in the right direction. My new broker makes sure to use baskets and linens and always is as I say ‘chic’. She also does not like the work vintage but prefers ‘Retro’.

Regardless I have found a wreath I have decided I am crafty enough to create. So here  is the photo that inspired me;


I then found a tube, yarn, felt and ribbon of course and started working away – how cute is this! Especially for my front door. It took a couple of hours to wrap, tighten, adjust, wrap, tighten, etc… then this is what my base was looking like;


I then continued working into the night (well survivor was on so I took a break and watched with my family and then continued on until finally yarn was done.






So I have it all together, I am doing stitching on the leaves and hopefully I will have it on my door by Saturday! I will keep you all updated with my progress 🙂


Hurricane Leslie

Today we are getting pummelled with 100millimetres of rain.
Nothing is more relaxing than laying in bed and being able to listen to the sound of rain, however this isn’t a gentle drip-dropping this is a beating of rain. I’m also more concerned with how wet my dogs will be after I let them out than how great of a morning to sleep in. It’s not that I had entirely planned to do a whole lot outside or really anything outside but now that there is no way I’ll be outside I’m dreaming about what I could be doing.

So Today I will make pickled beats, clean, do laundry, do some work related things, filing and client follow ups.
Also since I have nothing better to do I will maybe make a fancy supper.

Michael has his last week at his current job before moving on to bigger and better things and starting a different job next Monday – this to me seems really exciting but the downfall is he will get no vacation time until January after his 3 month probationary period.
I’m not a big fan of job hopping, I have had three jobs in the past three years however one was my internship that ended, then a temp job and now Real Estate. Through all of that I’ve waitressed at the same place for the past five years.

Alright time to stop procrastinating. Have a great Monday Bloggers!

The Beginning of Blog


noun /ˈhapənˌstans/ 
happenstances, plural

  • Coincidence
    • – it was just happenstance that I happened to be there
    • – an untoward happenstance for Trudy

I like to believe that things are part happenstance and part meant to be. Everything happens for a reason. If I hadn’t been hard pressed to find an internship for my Business course I wouldn’t have accepted a job with a family run, six person business, but I was. If I hadn’t been there I would have never met Michael, but I did. If I hadn’t met Michael I would have never fallen in love, found the courage to follow my dreams and pursue my passions – thankfully I did.

We live in a small bungalow outside of the city, fenced in yard, three bedrooms and one bathroom. We have spent the past two years (We moved in two years ago) renovating. First it was the kitchen and living room, complete tear out, new walls, floors, stairs to the basement, counters, backsplash, island… you name it – it was replaced. Then it was the floors from laminate to hardwood. Finally I thought the renovations were over! Then we found moisture in our basement – our Laundry nook has soaked drywall – so it was time to renovate. Our tiny laundry room became and mudroom/laundry beauty. New curtains and paint upstairs, master bedroom was redone. So Finally I thought we were finished. Now the Man cave shed/garage type room is being turned back INTO a garage and the basement furnace room is being made smaller so the open area in the basement can house the pool table that was initially in the garage. Back into it we go.

I’m a full-fledged lazy wedding planner. I am not interested with booking photographers, venues and finding a dress. So this year I will be pushing myself to do it. Heres hoping I get it all together.

I quit my job to be a Realtor®, Entering my second year – I have just switched brokerages – which, got messy but I don’t kiss and tell – at least not right now :). Great job, I love it but I’m still poking along which is why I’m still waitressing two nights a week at the Pub I’ve worked at since I could legally serve drinks.

I tried gardening this year – what a bumper crop! Corn, Carrots and Beans oh my!
I will be pickling beets tomorrow and making hodgepodge to freeze for later days so that when I’m too lazy to cook we can just heat up some soup.

I’ve recently come out of a slump and will be trying to lose the 40 +/- pounds I have gained since college.

So here goes my tales of woe, inspiration, determination and procrastination. I needed a place to lay my thoughts and of course vent. 
Happy Reading!